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Shenzhen OSENKE Connection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company focusing on the design, development, manufacture and sales of connector contacts. It is a well-skilled supplier of jack contacts connection technology and products. The company owns the core patented technology-Torsion Spring Technology Manufactured Torsion Spring Socket (OS Series) is a compact type of socket connector, which not only has a high contact area, but also has a more compact structure of the same specification socket. It provides customers with high reliable and cost-effective connector socket contact technology and products. Customer's requirements to develop connector socket contacts.


1. Characteristics and advantages of O'sek contact for torsional spring jack:

Stamping forming technology and effective cost reduction

Lower pull-out force

Self-cleaning during insertion (oxide layer)

More than 10000 insertions

Smaller contact resistance

Good stability in vibration and shock environment

Compared with similar products, it has smaller size.

The size of the jack can be less than 0.60 mm.


2 -Sector O'25197;- 31783;- 22522;- 25216;- 21442;-basic spec


Note: Special specifications can be customized according to customers.

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