Contact Material for Connectors
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Connector is an important part of electronic products, so its requirements for contact materials are very high. The following are several commonly used contact materials:

Copper (Cu)

Red, more precious metal, soft, flexible, high conductivity and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, excellent processing characteristics.

Brass (CuZn)

Copper and zinc alloys, 60-95% copper, good elastic materials,

Acceptable electrical conductivity, good processing characteristics, good weldability, not very expensive, yellow.

Phosphor Bronze (Cu Sn)

Copper and tin alloys, good elastic materials, elasticity between brass and beryllium bronze, conductivity is worse than brass, not sensitive to stress corrosion, about 1.4 times more expensive than brass, red.

Beryllium Copper (Cu Be)

Optimum elasticity, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

It's about five times more expensive and yellow than brass.

Nickel-Silver (CuNiZn)

Copper-nickel-zinc alloys (Cu65%, Ni12%, Zn23%)

Conductivity like brass, good heat resistance (2200C), good mechanical properties, good weldability, corrosion resistance, silver white.

Steel Steel (Fe)

Application temperature up to 2500C, poor conductivity, good elasticity,

Wear resistance, grey.

Nickel (Ni)

High temperature characteristics (applied to 6500C), corrosion resistance, good strength and good conductivity, silver gray.


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