The 4th Fast Charging and Wireless Charging Conference was held successfully
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On November 23, 2018, the 4th Seminar on Intelligent Fast Charging and Wireless Charging Technology was successfully held in Shenzhen. Many well-known enterprises, such as Lianfeng Branch, Aihua, Silicon Lijie, Sino-Research Amorphous, Yongming, Xidiwei and Zhuoxinwei, gave speeches at the conference, which attracted large enterprises such as Huawei, Samsung, Hangjiachiyuan, TCL Communications, Nubia, vivo and so on. Up to 600 people participated in the discussion of wireless charging technology at the scene.

USB Type C is evolving rapidly in the fields of smartphones, laptops and automobiles. More recently, there has been good news. On the one hand, Apple's next generation of mobile phones will have 18W fast charging and Type C interface, which will accelerate the integration of Type C interface. On the other hand, the data transmission rate of USB 3.2 standard has doubled, and the performance improvement will bring more development space for Type C.

It is estimated that the number of devices with at least one USB-C port will reach nearly 5 billion in 2021, which is higher than 300 million devices in 2016, and the annual composite annual growth rate (CAGR) will exceed 70%. The largest shipments in 2017 were mobile phones, mobile computers, flash drives, media tablets and docks. After nearly two years of development, the growth of USB Type C has become obvious. At present, Android manufacturers in Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan have launched mobile phones based on this interface.

However, poor-designed USB Type-C cables, connectors and other accessories may cause permanent damage to the hardware they serve. Therefore, it is necessary for Type C cables (each end is equipped with Type C connectors) to meet strict quality standards.

Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade products with the help of electronic components, coils, magnetic materials, equipment and instruments, and trigger a new round of technological revolution. For this reason, 31 enterprises such as Yifeng Precision have brought abundant products and technical solutions.

At the meeting, Lin Shangyi, senior manager of Mediated Development Section, gave a speech on the bottlenecks and solutions of fast charging technology at present, 'Introduction to Pump Express 5.0, a new generation of fast charging technology'. In the speech, Lin first pointed out that the insufficient charging efficiency will lead to the prominent heat dissipation problem, while direct charging is efficient, but because the data line is too thick, the loss of interface and PCB wiring is large. Then he introduces Pump Express 5.0 (hereinafter referred to as 'PE5.0') which is the latest fast charging technology solution launched by Liande Technologies from seven aspects: operation principle, charging curve, charging efficiency, hardware requirements, adapter, protection design and product comparison.

According to its introduction, PE5.0 adopts the international standards of USB, PS and PPS, and the new software and hardware design further improves the speed. Compared with PE+1.1, PE+2.0, PE3.0 and PE4.0, the efficiency of PE5.0 is increased to 97%. More than 20 security protection mechanisms are built-in to ensure the security of two-way communication; at the same time, the charging data line is smaller and more convenient to carry. Take and accept, and the cost is low.

Manager Lin said that at present, when making charging products, people will choose different standards, and the United Development Section also hopes to standardize and unify the entire industry, which is the best way for the entire industry.

As we all know, Type C interface has many advantages, such as small and thin, high-speed transmission, positive and negative usability, multi-use of one port, power supply upgrading, etc. Overall, the trend of USB Type-C has been completed, and is gradually becoming the mainstream of the market, its popularity will be around the corner. From the product side of the manufacturer, the entry threshold of USB Type A is low, and the profit of the product is becoming thinner and thinner. In contrast, the profit of Type C products is more abundant, and the technology is beginning to mature, which undoubtedly becomes a powerful motive force for the layout of the manufacturer.

As one of the exhibitors, Dongguan Yifeng Precision Electronics Co., Ltd., which mainly produces various kinds of digital connectors, brought their main products: tpye-C Bus Series, Apple Mother Series and TF Card. It shows their technological upgrading and product innovation in the fields of fast charging and wireless charging.

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