8K HDR TV's amazing growth rate HDMI2.1 and China's Collaborative Innovation Ecosystem
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Nearly 100 giants joined HDMI

In order to support UHD data transmission and welcome the arrival of the first year of 8K TV, HDMI Forum released HDMI 2.1 standard last year. According to Jeff Park, the main features of HDMI 2.1 include dynamic HDR, 48G bandwidth, new ultra-high-speed HDMI cables, enhanced audio return channel (eARC), variable refresh frequency (VRR), fast media switching (QMS), fast frame transfer (QFT), and automatic low-latency mode.

HDMI 2.1 specification was developed by HDMI Forum. HDMI Forum is an open trade organization that guides the future development of HDMI technology and develops new versions of HDMI specifications. At present, 95 companies have joined HDMI Forum, including the largest and most innovative companies in consumer electronics, silicon chips, computers, test equipment, Hollywood film production, etc.

Jeff Park pointed out that 'the benefits of membership are that they can participate in the formulation of new specifications, and that they can get new specifications earlier than other manufacturers in order to launch related products earlier than other manufacturers.'

'We have no special restrictions on membership, as long as the manufacturer can join our membership, whether it is a connector manufacturer or a chip manufacturer, our membership fee is $15,000 per year.' Rob Tobias said.

HDMI specification involves TV, set-top box, game equipment, cable, connector and other products, only after strict testing and certification products can be introduced to the market.

At the developer conference site, several HDMI Forum member companies from test equipment suppliers, certification agencies and other companies brought the latest equipment and test process to support HDMI 2.1. For example, Baijiatai provides authentication services, Tektronix provides hardware testing, TELED YNE LECROY and ASTRO can provide protocol testing, GRL can also provide testing equipment and authentication services. All these ensure that the electronic products using HDMI2.1 conform to the specifications and obtain certification.

In addition, some of China's top electronics companies sent hundreds of engineers and product managers to attend the developers'conference. They will be one of the first companies to apply HDMI2.1 technology in their products.

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