Interview with Beijie: Unique business model, steady pace of development, natural "double fast"
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Unique Business Model

As we all know, connectors have a very wide range of product lines from small products welded on electronic boards to large-scale mechanical equipment applications. Beijie was founded in 1964. The company headquartered in the United States has been focusing on the distribution and assembly of precision connectors for 72 years. It has a very rich experience in the field of connectors and wiring harness. Proven. First, as a franchised assembly plant and distributor of TE/Deutsch, Amphenol, ITT Cannon, CINCH, and Souriau brands, Beijie has a large global inventory of related brand products, providing users with a wealth of choices.

For heavy-duty machinery, construction equipment and production equipment covered by aerospace, energy, transportation, industry and related fields, Beijie has long focused on connectors in harsh environments, making its appearance in this air show more 'topic-oriented'. 'Intense impact, extreme temperatures and corrosive or irritating liquids require more connectors, and the site environment is often complex and changeable, so Beijie can provide personalized solutions according to the actual situation of users,' Xu said. Unlike general distributors, Beijie does not only provide cooperative brand products. For small batches of users and users with special needs, Beijie relies on strong spare parts inventory, can quickly integrate resources according to user needs, and provide a truly user-friendly connection scheme. The personalized solution of 'one-piece start-up, 48-hour assembly' has provided a strong impetus for the rapid rise of the industry in the development stage of 'from scratch'.

In addition, in 2016, Beijie acquired FilConn, a U.S. military connector company, to expand its business. It can provide the aviation, medical, transportation and oil and gas industry with precise and highly reliable customized configuration connection solutions, further enhance the advantages of its customized services, and expand the market in the corresponding fields. 'Military industry often represents the industry's top technology, when the products on the market can not meet the needs of users, the unique customized design business often allows the problem to be solved.' Xu Menglan said so.

The unique business model of agency, assembly, design and integration makes Beijie unique. It not only forms a useful complement to the cooperative brand in the Chinese market, but also covers a wider range of user needs. Xu Menglan said: 'We are very confident about this business model. It is closer to the Chinese market, helps to promote the development of the industry, and at the same time realizes the enterprise value of Beijie itself.'

Take root in the Chinese Market

Speaking about the current Chinese market, Xu Menglan said: 'Based on the aerospace industry, due to the rapid development of domestic independent research and development of commercial opportunities such as C919/929, more and more people pay attention to the civil aviation field.' Relying on its rich experience in serving leading European companies such as Airbus and Boeing, Beijie has a complete range of connector products in this field, and has a local assembly plant in Zhuhai. Beijie can quickly supply goods, save costs and have obvious advantages. Xu Menglan pointed out: 'At present, China has invested a lot in the field of civil aviation, which has aroused widespread concern, but the areas of unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters and small private aircraft, which are quietly rising, are easily neglected. Beijie has also started to cooperate with enterprises in these areas to help the development of the industry.'

In terms of products, the overall solution is welcomed by users in all walks of life. Like other suppliers, Beijie is also committed to expanding its product line and providing users with a more stable overall solution. 'One end of the connector is connected to the system and the other end is the sensor. At present, Beijie is developing for different sensor applications such as pressure, temperature and humidity.' Xu Menglan said, 'From the point of view of the connector scheme, the performance of connectors, tail clips and wiring harness is very important for connectors in harsh environments. Instead of traditional materials, optical fibers can transmit more data and be more stable. Therefore, Beijie will continue to plough deeply in the field of optical fibre products to provide users with more information. Add a long-term and stable overall solution suitable for the work site.

Facing the future development, Xu Menglan's idea is more pragmatic and cautious, and his goal direction is clear. He said: 'At present, China's aerospace industry still has considerable market space, so Beijie will continue to develop its'old line'to maintain its advantages.' It is reported that with the different stages and forms of China's industrial development, Beijie will also pay attention to four other areas. First, the new energy industry, including electric vehicles and energy storage, will continuously enrich its products in three parts: charging piles, internal connection of motors and power management applications. It will be geared to the development of domestic photovoltaic and wind power. The development of energy storage users; secondly, relying on years of experience in the field of connectors in harsh environments, to provide related products to the world's leading high-speed railway industry; thirdly, to continue to develop industry, facing the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, to provide precision instruments for future development, enabling industry 4.0; finally, medical treatment, along with. With the serious aging of population and other issues, China is vigorously developing the medical system, which is also an important opportunity for Beijie.

The unique business model is the characteristic and core advantage of Beijie, which is believed to be an important factor for Beijie to rapidly develop the market. As the fifth global factory of Beijie, Beijie Zhuhai factory passed AS9100D:2017 standard certification last year, which means that Zhuhai factory will meet the higher requirements of users. With the continuous development of business, Beijie also continues to increase assembly lines in Zhuhai factory and expand more business related to connector solutions.

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